Month: October 2017

First Trump International Correctional Facility Opens in Long Island

In anticipation of a long list of federal indictments filed against the president and his associates, Trump Entertainment Resorts(TER) has opened its first private prison in central Long Island. Although not formally approved by the president himself, TER head Robert Griffin purchased the facility in an effort to expand the reach of the Trump brand. […]

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Obama’s Wikipedia Entry Mysteriously Deleted by “Trump45wins”

Last night, several internet sleuths discovered the Wikipedia entry of former President Barack Obama had mysteriously vanished from the online encyclopedia’s archive. At 5:35am, a user named “Trump45wins” logged into the community edited database and erased all information about the former president. This comes just days after Obama’s presidential portrait was defaced in the West […]

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ISIS Declares Victory

After losing their capital of Raqqa, ISIS made a surprising declaration of victory in the the most effective terrorist campaign of the modern era. As governments across the world sit on the edge of collapse, the terrorist organization claims it has succeeded in its goal to destabilize western democracy. “I think we did an excellent […]

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