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Our Story

Unsourced News was founded by a trio of mediocre comedy writers from New York whose heads were about to explode from all the nonsense they were reading in the daily news. Call it venting, but UN now boasts a network of over two daily readers and nearly four subscribers.

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Meet the Team

Frustrated by everyone saying he looked like Sam Clovis, Regan McCook decided he was best suited to hide behind a keyboard. He then met a girl who hated being mistaken for Betsy Devos and a guy who couldn't go out without people asking him if "he likes beer". Together they created the most forgettable satire news site on the internet.

Clovis eats

Regan McCook

Staff writer

A former writer for Comedy Central, MTV, and funnyordie.com, Regan got fired when they realized he wasn't funny.

Devos evil

Samantha White

Staff writer

Samantha writes for Comedy Central cares more about Twitter than her family. She's really bad at Photoshop. So bad, in fact, that we had to have her at UN.


Timothy Barrett

Technical guy

Timothy writes for several political blogs and is a stand up comedian and satirist from a red state. He's not super funny, but he knows how to build websites so he works here now.

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