Devos Deeply Troubled by ‘Media’s Obsession with Educating Children’

Devos evil

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Education Secretary Betsy Devos has gone on the offensive after being criticized for attempting to defund the Special Olympics and other childhood education programs earlier this week. Devos cited a ‘disturbing trend’ where media outlets appear very one-sided when reporting about the pros and cons of educating children.

“You never read anything about the benefits of  NOT educated children,” exclaimed Devos, “Why does the MSM only report about the benefits of educating children?”

Despite pushback from teachers unions, recent analysis found truth in Devos’ statement, without a single instance of articles published by large scale news organizations supporting less education for children.

Several GOP members applauded Devos for her finally taking a stand against the “liberal, socialist, education machine,” as stated by Representative Mike Lee (R-UT).  He added, “Not educating children has become so stigmatized by the media that everyone is afraid to talk about it because it’s not PC enough.”

Many educators were concerned about Devos’ qualifications when taking the post as the nation’s top teacher, because of her lack of education training or teaching experience. Others felt her inherited billions more than qualified her for a role in the Trump administration.

“I just don’t get why we can’t have an open dialogue about the other things young kids could be doing while they are wasting away in a classroom,” complained Devos.

Devos has advocated for larger class sizes because she feels some kids would benefit. Although no study ever conducted has validated her claim, Devos says the endorsement of the Secretary of Education is sufficient evidence of truth. Few have been able to argue around this logic, leading many to demand new studies on the studies that were already conducted.

Devos has never been comfortable in her cabinet post recently commenting, “I only took this job because I was told my vacations would be paid for by the American taxpayer.”