Tax Cut Would Leave Billionaires Trillionless

A recent Goldman Sachs analysis has found that not a single billionaire would end up a trillionaire if the Trump administration’s new proposed tax cut is approved.

Billionaires across the country are outraged with the analysis and said they intend to fight it to their last billion.

“We are honest folk who just want what’s rightfully ours,” Walmart CEO Sam Walton said, “And it’s not just me, it’s unfair to every billionaire in this country.” Together the Walton family would only receive a $53 billion tax cut under the plan, leaving their net worth nearly $800 billion below a trillion.

Behind closed doors, Trump has promised to squeeze money out of the middle class and deposit it back into the pockets of billionaires, but as Walton stated, “Walmart has been doing that for years, and we’re still only worth the GDP of a medium sized country.”

Chemical dumping billionaires, the Koch Brothers, tend to agree, “Trump ran on a platform of making false promises to the poor and middle class and real promises to the filthy rich. If we don’t see 12 zeros in our net worth, I feel that he has betrayed that fake/real promise.”

“He’s only giving  a $4 billion tax cut to his own children. What does that tell you about his character?” the Koch’s continued, “The damn thing will leave the country trillionaireless!”

Trump may be wary of pushing through the proposed cut because while 99.8% of Americans will gain no benefit from the cut, the remainder is a very loud 0.02%.