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Trump Suggests Immigrants Wear Identifying Badges

WASHINGTON, DC — As immigration continues to be a hotly debated policy issue, president Trump has signaled he may be willing to negotiate with Democrats. Yesterday, after much back and forth, Trump released a statement with his “final solution” to the ongoing talks. The White House has offered a set of guidelines that would allow […]

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ISIS Declares Victory

After losing their capital of Raqqa, ISIS made a surprising declaration of victory in the the most effective terrorist campaign of the modern era. As governments across the world sit on the edge of collapse, the terrorist organization claims it has succeeded in its goal to destabilize western democracy. “I think we did an excellent […]

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Madrid Hopes Naps Will End Catalan Unrest

Spanish Government Places Beds and Couches in Public to Encourage Napping During Vote As tensions rise in Barcelona, the Spanish government has littered the streets with thousands of mattresses, couches, and eye masks in the hopes that Catalan protesters will sleep through a secession vote which Madrid deems illegal. Spaniards, famous for their midday “siestas”, […]

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Facebook Tries to Manage Stupidity

Social Media Giant Plans to Crack Down on “Fake News” In light of recent revelations that Russian operatives used Facebook advertising to disseminate false information about candidate Hillary Clinton, Facebook has decided to begin monitoring “fake news”. Although many Trump supporters themselves call this move “fake news”, several have already found themselves banned for 24 […]

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No Vote? No Aid.

Puerto Rico Faces Humanitarian Disaster A week after Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on the shores of Puerto Rico, aid has still not arrived. With nearly 3 million American citizens without power, basic necessities like food, fuel and water have grown scarce. President Trump and FEMA have faced criticism for their slow response. While Trump’s visit […]

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