Facebook Tries to Manage Stupidity

Social Media Giant Plans to Crack Down on “Fake News”

In light of recent revelations that Russian operatives used Facebook advertising to disseminate false information about candidate Hillary Clinton, Facebook has decided to begin monitoring “fake news”.

Although many Trump supporters themselves call this move “fake news”, several have already found themselves banned for 24 hours after posting conspiracy theory videos. Instagram user @jess.p was blocked from sharing content after attempting to share a 13:27 conspiracy video about the KGB’s attempt at “idealogical subversion”. This theorizes that Russia has been slowly plotting to make American’s think so much that they can no longer make decisions. In other words, intellectual stimulation is the enemy.

As millions of American’s devour this type of content, it does not bode well for the country as a whole. The idea that knowledge is a tool being used by the Russian’s to make American’s complacent in and of itself is so stupid, it’s brilliant. And of course it is easier to believe Russia is employing this methodology over the more direct and efficient hacking of emails and spreading false information.

Because these kinds of theories are running rampant, Facebook has finally decided to intervene on the increasingly stupid beliefs of many of its users. Because these users are unable to discern fact and fiction, it must be done for them.

Of course Trump supporters are furious with this new policy because “fake news” is their favorite news. And all real news is “fake news”. Its hard to wrap your brain around, but that’s good. That just means the Russian’s aren’t succeeding.