Passengers Demand Airlines Check Taylor Swift

LOS ANGELES, CA — After recently being outed for traveling inside a large suitcase to avoid paparazzi, Taylor Swift has become more forthcoming about her strange travel habit. On several recent flights, the megastar has unzipped herself from her travel sack and continued her trips from the luggage bin.

As a result, an increasing number of travelers are complaining about the chatty pop star russelling about in the overhead compartments, tweeting, singing, and demanding their in-flight meals.

“She’s a goddamn millionaire! Why is she taking up space in my cramped seating area,” complained passenger John Murdock.

Murdock is one of several angry passengers who shared a flight with Swift over the weekend and demanded that she be moved or stowed in the cargo hold. Numerous reports have surfaced of her popping out of luggage racks throughout the country.

“About 10 minutes after take off I hear a fracas above my seat,” said frequent flyer Michelle Windinger, “The bin pops open and it’s fucking Taylor Swift with this big ass smile like we’re all supposed to be super-fans. She says ‘Are the paparazzi gone?’ I’m like ‘Girl, you need new life goals.'”

Passengers claim when asked to go back inside the suitcase, Swift said it was too hot and hard to breath.

“She acts like she’s still in first class and we’re there to service her,” added Windinger. “She made me change the movie I was watching and asked me four times if I was gonna finish my bagel chips.”