Trump Advisors Urge Him to Degrade More White People

Trump racist

WASHINGTON, DC — In the aftermath of his racist attacks on Elijah Cummings and his majority black district in Baltimore, White House advisors are stepping in to urge President Trump to insult more white people. Over the past month, Trump has leveled numerous vicious attacks on people of color, using terms like ‘infested’ and ‘crime-ridden’ to describe their local districts, while telling several freshman congresswomen of color to ‘go back to their country‘.

Aides to the president claim it would be impossible to ask him to stop Twitter attacking people, so their only solution is for him to balance his attacks with some denigrating statements about white people.

“We keep asking him why he can’t ramp up attacks on Joe Biden or Bill Clinton,” one anonymous insider stated, “But he just doesn’t hate them like he hates blacks, browns, and women, so his heart is never in it.”

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As Republicans continue to defend the president against accusations of racism, many admit it will be difficult if he does not start mixing it up a little. Although they are masters of spin, a clear pattern has formed, as pointed out by CNN’s Victor Blackwell, making it harder to call a coincidence.

“Trump hates all people equally,” said Sen. Lindsay Graham(R-SC) who once called Trump a ‘race-baiting, xenophobic bigot’.

Trump’s documented racism predates 1989 when he called for the execution of 5 black teen wrongly accused of raping a jogger in Central Park. Long before that, he had a history of using racist terms in private and unfairly treating black and brown tenants in his buildings.

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Although he has attacked white men, it is never with the same amount of vitriol and harsh language he reserves for minorities and women. Some believe the president fears alienating his base if he speaks badly about poor white Americans. Other argue he will soon be unable to disguise his racism if he does not call a white person a ‘disgusting, filthy animal’.

“He was on board with attacking Bernie Sanders,” added the same aide, “but he wanted to call him a ‘greedy Jew’ so we had to nix that one.”