Putin and Kim Meet to Make Fun of the Length of Trump’s Term

Putin and Kim

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Russian president Vladimir Putin met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un this week to poke fun at President Trump’s very short term in office. Both leaders have held their posts for 19 and 8 years respectively, and show no signs of relinquishing power in the near future.

President Trump has made no secret his admiration of the two leaders, often discussing their lengthy terms with envy. It is also widely acknowledged that the American president has a shorter-than-average term that many speculate may not even stretch to a respectable four years.

Compared to Trump’s short 2.5 years in office, both Putin and Kim have very lengthy terms and made no apologies when comparing their longer terms to that of Trump. The Russia president has shrugged off term limits and Kim claims to be Supreme Leader for life in North Korea.

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“While Putin has one of the longest terms, Kim’s is also much longer than Trump’s,” said one summit insider, “Both Putin and Kim joked about how short Trump’s term is and if anyone would even notice when he is inside or outside of office.”

So far, Trump’s term is one of the shortest in presidential history with only 2 previous presidents unable to last longer. Under siege on all fronts, many White House officials hope to at least make it to a respectable 4 years. Never short on bravado, the 1/2 term president seems certain he will be re-elected and has continually claimed he is an 8-year president.

“My term will be at least 8 years, maybe longer,” Trump said in 2017, “But it’s not just about the length of the term it’s about how you use it.”

But many argue the president does not even know how to use the 2.5 years he’s been given. With countless failed policies, a cabinet in chaos, and lawsuits piling up in the courts, many wonder if this shriveled presidency is Donald Trump at peak performance.

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Often complaining about term limits, it seems increasingly likely that Trump may not reach his. It is often argued that his predecessor, Barack Obama, could have easily been a 12-year president if not for the limits. This would have made his term nearly 5 times longer than Trump’s.