Superheroes Make up Entire Cast of New Marvel Movie

With the increasing demand for superhero movies, Universal has finally created a movie where every single character has super powers. The new movie titled, “The Fantastic 5000”, features nearly every hero from the Marvel universe filling all roles no matter how big or small.

“It was hard to come up with a script where every single character could exhibit some weird mutant ability,” Studio executive Michael Brash said, “But we made it happen.”

Several moviegoers were treated to an early screening and exited with mixed reviews. “The bus driver accidentally rips the door off when he lets Peter Parker on board.” Complained one viewer, “And one of the waiters sets fire to the menu just by recommending a salad. It felt like it was too much”

But some screeners were in awe, “It was amazing!” said one excited fan, “All the extras in the background were having these epic super hero battles throughout all the boring dialogue scenes.”

Universal took a huge risk financing “The Fantastic 5000”, shelling out over $2,000 million for all the rights, CGI, explosions, and celebrities cast for the roles, making it 100 times more expensive than the previous most expensive movie ever made.

“It wasn’t cheap, but people can’t get enough of these guys,” said Brash, “We anticipate a $1 billion opening weekend, or I’m out of a job.”