Hefner Disappointed By Heaven

Hugh Hefner Dies at 91 With a HUGE Smile on His Face

Playboy founder and media mogul Hugh Hefner died last night in the Playboy mansion.

Hefner survived three marriages, nightly sex with half of Los Angeles, and massive amounts of drugs and alcohol for over half of his 91 years.

Although admitting to have lost his virginity at the ripe age of 22, Hefner never looked back and absolutely destroyed hot blondes for the following 50 years. He hit a lull in his 70’s as he feared his libido was slowing. But with the release of Viagra in 1996, Hef was back at it, and one of its most outspoken advocates. His Viagra habit actually cost him his hearing, but he stated he, “would rather have sex than have his hearing.”

He was 91 years old.